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Grow with Blanca Kleinfall, M.Ed., LPC

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About Me

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My name is Blanca Kleinfall (she/her) and I have been working with adults and
adolescents in a private health setting for over 7 years. My current practice focuses primarily on
adults. I earned my Master’s degree in Counseling from the University of North Texas. I have
worked with patients who have anxiety, depression, stress, self-esteem and grief. My specalities
are working with patients who have experienced domestic violence, sexual assault, trauma,
pregnancy struggles, and abortion. I pride myself in offering a safe and inclusive space for
marginalized people and struggles in Texas.
As a woman of color who grew up in a strict Hispanic household, I have an intimate
understanding of how the constant looming struggles of poverty, racism, and cultural
expectations can compound with personal challenges. I cannot change the world, but I can give
you tools to live a more fulfilling life while navigating those obstacles.
I utilize many counseling theories in my practice, but my foundation is a Humanistic,
“Person-centered” approach. Meaning I respect your autonomy, your experiences (and how they
may differ from mine), and that you are capable of discerning your own path, solutions and
directions in life. As your counselor, my job is to guide you through the bad days and assist you
with discovering those answers within yourself. I look forward to helping you develop different
perspectives to help you take back control of your life.

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EMDR Therapy

Trauma Counseling

For clients who have experienced life traumas, I am an EMDR-trained therapist and offer this modality as part of your treatment plan. During our first few sessions, I will discuss if this is the right plan for you.

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Your Therapy Goals

My primary goal as a therapist, besides helping you with your goals, is to help you feel heard and genuinely cared for in a judgment-free space. If you’re nervous about counseling it’s okay, fear of the unknown is scary.  Many people worry about starting counseling  because they are worried they will be told “ I’m crazy” but what’s surprising is this may be the place where you are told, “You aren’t crazy and it makes sense why you feel that way after going through certain life situations”

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“I’m really proud of you – because life comes at you fast, and sometimes it can be so hard, but if I can make it, I know you can make it. We can make it together.” – 100% that Lizzo

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Important Information related to COVID-19

At this time only Video and Phone sessions are available.

We know that there’s widespread concern in our community about the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), and I want you to know that your health is our top priority.

With the increasing uncertainty and growing number of infected individuals worldwide, we encourage you to take responsibility for yourself and your family. Though the risk remains low, it’s important to take a proactive approach to minimize exposure.

I encourage you to schedule a secure video appointment with me. Research shows that they can be just as effective as in-person appointments, and we can continue your care without interruption. If you're interested, let me know, and I'll make the necessary arrangements.

Please refer to the CDC’s dedicated 2019-ncov website for additional information, and maintain awareness by checking the official communications from the Centers for Disease Control and World Health Organization.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

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*Virtual Telehealth Sessions Only*

Available to see clients who are living in the state of Texas only.

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